Densus 88 claimed have killed Nurdin M Top, Indonesia’s bombing series mastermind (Bali, Australia Embassy, JW Marriot)

nurdinmtopDensus 88, Indonesia anti-terrorist special force unit, claim that they have killed Nurdin M Top on a gunfire  last night at Temanggung, Central Java. Few hours later, Densus 88 also reported few hours after, they have ambushed another terrorist branch on Jatiasih, Bekasi, West Java and found about 500 kilos of bomb component.


Nurdin M Top and Dr. Azhari, Malasyan extremists who are believed as mastermind of bombing series on Indonesia (Bomb Bali I, Bomb Bali 2, Australian Embassy, JW Marriot 1, JW Marriot 2) reported to be killed by Densus88. Dr. Azhari itself has been died on gunshot late 2005 at Malang, East Java.

Nurdin M Top is believed play vital role on terrorist organization who responsible on Indonesia’s threats, his calm yet charming character make him easier to adapt with Indonesia’s rural moslem community and doctrine them to join with his organization.

Nurdin M Top have become Indonesia’s primary fugitive since Bomb Bali I, which causing more than 200 people died. He was difficult to be tracked because he always change his profile from time to time. He also disguise as new character and move from one place to another and try to married with local woman to omit local society distrust.

With death of Nurdin M Top, I really hope it will bring back peace and love to Indonesia. Bravo Densus 88



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  1. Sya masih belum yakin kalau itu Nurdin M TOP. jadi ingat G30SPKI, Piere Tandean mengaku sebagai Nasution, yah begitulah….

    Kalau memang benar saya sangat bersyukur dan bertambah waswas jangan2 masih banyak nurdin yang lain berkeliaran di bumi INDONESIA…


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